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In the 1950’s, scientists discovered that it is possible to make diamonds in a matter of days. Differentiating lab-made diamonds from their natural counterparts is next to impossible owing to today’s considerably improved technology.

The laboratory process simulates the way diamonds are grown in nature. An extremely small diamond, very refined graphite as well as a mix of compounds, is put under consistent heat and extreme hydraulic pressure, as in deep beneath the earth’s surface. As the process finishes, the growing setting is cooled and a raw stone is ready to be shaped and polished. The output is the same as raw diamonds mined from the earth.

Here are some reasons as to why you should buy lab-made diamonds or a jewelry piece that has one.

They Have Similar Chemical and Optical Properties to Mined Diamonds

These properties in lab-made diamonds are similar to their mined counterparts. This means the laboratory-made stones are just as durable as the mined ones and sparkle in the same way. Besides, gemological institutes grade lab-made diamonds with the same standards which grade the mined ones.

They Come Cheaper than Mined Diamonds

It is more budget-friendly to buy a lab-made diamond than a natural diamond. The former is around 30% cheaper in comparison to the latter, with the same weight at the retail level. This means you can purchase a bigger-carat lab-made diamond by spending just what a lesser-carat mined diamond would cost.

Lab-Made Diamonds are Ethical

Unlike in the mining industry, diamond laboratories do not finance child labor or conflict, and trained technicians who work at the labs will get a proper salary. The world is becoming more and more eco-conscious today than ever before, and this trait has been transpired to the diamond segment as well.

Many celebrities are gravitating more and more toward ethical stones, including these made in laboratory conditions. For instance, Leonardo DiCaprio, who bats for climate justice, has invested in a lab-made diamond company, and many others like him who are strong advocates of the artificial stones.

Besides, most mined diamonds have a resale value, and the majority of lab-created counterparts will also have similar resale value to the former.

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