The Best Settings for Your Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets
Wedding Ring Sets

Buying a diamond ring for your wedding is a dream of every woman. But choosing the best diamond wedding ring sets can be a difficult task if you get confused between different designs and settings of a diamond ring. When you go shopping for bridal ring sets, you can find wide range of options which will leave you baffled as to choose a design from them which will be suitable for you. Each design has its own specialties and it is important to know them for choosing the right design and setting for you.

Following are some unique ring settings which will create a great foundation for your wedding ring design.

Cathedral Setting

This is a classic setting which creates a stunning ring design. In this setting, arches of metal are used to hold the stone, which resembles the graceful arches of a cathedral. This setting enhances the beauty of the center stone and holds it securely. The design is really beautiful with its varying cathedral heights. Through this design, the center stone appears larger than it really is and looks more prominent.

The setting has some defects too, as there is a high possibility for it to snag on clothes and other things when set high. There will be a large number of crevices for this setting, which makes the cleaning and maintaining difficult.

Flush Setting

In a flush setting, the stone will be set in a drilled hole in the band. So the diamond will sit “flush” with the ring’s band. Then the metal around the diamond will be hammered to hold it in place securely. This design is not good for softer stones, as there is chance for the stone to crack when the metal around it is hammered. This design is especially popular for men’s wedding bands because of its simplicity and the low chance for damage.

The main problem with this design is that it reduces the visibility of the diamond, and reduces the brilliance as it limits the amount of light hitting the stone.

Cluster Setting

The main specialty of this setting is that, it holds the diamonds together in a “cluster” to make it to look like a large diamond. For this design, there will be a large center stone or a cluster of small stones of equal size. This is a beautiful design as the cluster look like a large diamond, when in reality they are a set of smaller diamonds. But the cleaning and maintenance of this ring is difficult due to the number of stones and crevices involved.

Selecting a suitable setting for your ring is very important. The setting should match your personality and style. The designs mentioned above are fantastic designs which will make your ring spectacular.

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