Four Things Wedding Guests Do Not Care about

Wedding Party Favors
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Wedding planning can be stressful. With too many choices to be made, concerning everything from the wedding dress to catering, the stress on you can increase quickly as the day arrives. Having said that, guests pay less attention to numerous items on one’s wedding checklist. Rather than going mad over the tiniest details, free yourself off of the pressure by knowing what matters to guests, and more significantly, what does not.

The Guest Book

Guest books can be expensive, especially if one has made it a little too elaborate than usual. You can do yourself a big favor by keeping it simple, or else cancel the plan to have one for your wedding. Your guests will not miss it that much, and in the era of digital photography, you will have a lot of pictures of your loved ones sharing your wedding day.

The Bouquet Toss

Tossing the wedding bouquet is another tradition that has become rather archaic in the recent past, with several brides choosing to skip it completely from their wedding. Whether or not to do it is your choice, but if you buck the tradition by choosing not to have at your wedding, then it is likely that nobody will miss it. Moreover, less time spent putting the items together for the ceremonial toss means more time to spend on the wedding dance floor.

The First Dance

There will be many who come to your wedding for the food and drinks, among other things. Those distant affiliates, in particular, will perhaps appreciate a shaky and overtly choreographed routine than something more conventional and formal. Instead of rehearsing for weeks in a bid to fix your feet movement, it is more important to be yourself and fully enjoy the moment. Tackle some moves you feel fully comfortable performing, however simple, and see the pressure simply melt away. It is great for not just you, but for your guests and wedding photographs.

The Wedding Favors

Wedding party favors such as customized candles, engraved champagne flutes, and other such novelty items will not just be an additional expense for you but forgettable for your guests too. A fancy soap may be a good idea for those who love fancy soaping, but for most grownups, it is basically the same as receiving raisins on Halloween. While one in fifty guests will like it, the rest will discard them.

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