Important Questions To Ask When Selecting A Jeweler

The very first step in purchasing diamond engagement sets is choosing the right jeweler and doing this perfectly can go a long way. Moreover, most of us purchase fine jewelry rarely and hence having the proper assistance from an experienced eye is very important. This is because fine jewelry has its own special language that involves style, quality and marketing that can only be fully grasped by a trained eye. Because of this, the obvious doubt that many people face is “What should you consider before selecting a jeweler?” Read ahead to know the answer.

Is The Jeweler Credible And Established?

You can begin by enquiring about the jeweler to people whom you know as well as by reading customer reviews. Besides, enquire how long the establishment has been in business and their reputation because established institutions will have great references. Moreover, you should try to ensure that they give long term services such as maintenance for your purchase. Therefore, selecting an established jeweler is important because you have to bear in mind that it is going to be a long-lasting relationship.

Can You Have Good Communication?

Some of the established and respected jewelers have salespeople who are ready to listen to your requirements as they should try to understand about the bride’s preferences such as her style, personality, job, desires and likes. These questions will help them assess various factors and assist you in narrowing down choices from their collection. Therefore, you must at all cost avoid those who are pushing their agenda over your preferences.

Does They Offer Different Services?

Most of the respected jewelers offer a variety of in house services to help you choose the right diamond engagement ring. They should have a gemologist and this is important because they are trained in precious and semi-precious stones. The gemologist can help you to choose the right stone based on your requirements and budget. Besides, they must have a bench jeweler to resize and repair your jewelry. Moreover, some establishments offer the services of designing custom pieces based on customer requirements.

Does The Jeweler Have Wide Selection?

Almost all the best jewelers have a wide variety of selection for stones, rings, ring materials, designs such that there is a choice for every type of customer requirements. You can learn about this from customer reviews and from their online catalogue. A reputed jeweler should not make you feel overwhelmed and make you walk away.

Does The Jeweler Have Knowledgeable Staff?

When buying jewelry from a reputable store, all the staff must be able to answer your doubts and questions or refer you to the concerned specialist. Apart from this, if you choose an establishment that specializes in fine jewelry and loose diamonds, they will have an in-house gemologist. Moreover, they will also have experts that can explain about the specialty of their fine designs, how to maintain your purchase and the precautions that you should take etc. Therefore, if a jeweler or any staff refuses to answer your questions you must walk away without a second thought.

Does The Jeweler Use Standard Diamond Certification?

Most of the established jewelers have diamond jewelry pieces that are certified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI), Gemological Science International (GSI) or American Gem Society (AGS). Hence, these certifications prove authenticity of the stones and their quality. Besides, the jeweler must explain to you about these certifications to clarify your doubts. Therefore, check for these certificates as the first step before your purchase.

Does The Jeweler Explain About The 4C’s Of Diamond?

Most of us are not trained to assess the 4C’s of diamond quality and hence we require assistance to make our selection. A good jeweler must explain them to you in detail so that you can perceive the qualities that they see. This creates transparency between you and the jeweler which is a hallmark of reputed establishment.

When viewing stones, ensure that you ask them to show the cut of the diamond under a gemological microscope and explain the fine details. Also, they must have full-spectrum light that is used for color grading diamonds, as well as reference stones to compare your selected stone.

Does The Jeweler Use Certified Metal In The Ring?

Along with the certification for diamonds, the jeweler must use authentic third party certificates for the metal used in the ring. Hence the stamps for gold are 10k, 14k, 18k and PLT for platinum and reputable jewelers do not hesitate to show it.

What Are The Warranty And Return Policies Of The Jeweler?

Many of the reputed jewelers offer lifetime warranties and allow returns within their specified timeframe. Make sure to purchase diamond engagement rings with a good warranty and return policies.

Is The Jeweler Trustworthy?

If a jeweler satisfies all the above conditions, the establishment can be trusted. Moreover, you must do thorough research beforehand as well as look for referrals from trusted sources.

If you keep these points in mind you can shop for a diamond engagement ring set with ease.

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