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Among the several diamond cuts available in the diamond market, cushion cut diamond is one, which has gained much popularity in the past decade. There are so many reasons why people love and prefer the cushion cut diamond. However, if you are planning to buy a cushion cut diamond, there are certain important things you must know, which can help you in making a perfect choice. Here are some of the important tips to keep in mind while you go on to purchase a cushion cut diamond.

Select H or Higher Color Grade Diamonds

When it comes to the retaining of the color of the stone, cushion cut diamonds are not the best. In the fancy colored diamond market, the radiant cuts and cushion cuts are the most common ones. It is wise to select a cushion cut diamond of the color grade H or above that. If the cushion cut diamond is set in rose gold or yellow gold, you may select the diamond, which is of the color grade of J or K as well.

If you notice the price ranges of the diamonds, you will understand that there are vast differences in the prices of the diamonds belonging to different color grades. The color grade H falls somewhere in the middle, thereby having a moderate price range.

However, keep in mind that the H color graded diamonds are not perfectly colorless but are the ones closer to colorlessness because they have only a very little yellow tint. If the diamond is set in yellow gold or rose gold, no one can recognize it easily.

Select S11 or S12 Clarity Graded Diamonds

It is a very difficult task to find a perfect S12 diamond because of the large open table of a cushion cut diamond. Therefore, you will have to spend much on getting a higher clarity diamond. You will have to make the necessary compromise in this case to get the best diamond.

Select the Diamond with Right Cut Parameters

Indeed, you cannot evaluate the true quality of a diamond by its numbers alone. The same is true with cushion cut diamond also. Getting some recommendations from knowledgeable persons is the best way to select a cushion cut diamond. The length to width ratio of the diamond should be chosen wisely. The general look of the diamond from the outside will depend on this ratio of the diamond you choose. Whether the diamond will look small or big depends on this.

Keep these tips in your mind while you go on to purchase cushion cut diamonds.

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